Friday, July 24, 2009

Love of our lives

*Sigh* Oh boy if you only knew....!

Golly gee it really has been too long hasnt it. Well there really is nothing to do but start fillin' everyone in! Life has been a real roller coaster. Ever since I got pregnant to now, we have been faced with some real obsticles. But hello! Me and Matt are champs and have been able to grow closer together through out this whole experience.
Most everyone close to us know the happs with mine and Matt's first baby. We kept it to ourselves and didnt share the news with everyone cause.....well we didnt really know what we were dealing with and just wasnt ready to talk about it. We found out at 20 weeks that baby Jax had something called an omphalecele. What is an omphalecele? Well to say it simply...Jax was born with his bowels and liver outside of his belly and was covered with a sack. No belly button, and yes it was very scary!
Long story short...I had a c-section and the most beautiful baby boy! Because of his condition we spent 2 long emotional months in the Phoenix childrens hospital Nicu. Was the hardest thing Ive ever had to do. No one could ever understand until they have a sick baby in the hospital. Anyways! We learned how to feed him thru an NG tube that was up his nose and helped the home nurse change his wound vac that was helping push the O back in his belly as he grew.
A couple weeks ago Jax had surgery to close the muscles. It looks amazing!
Ahhh! Matt is making me jump in the pool with him...
Im posting this and coming back to post pics!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby bump

One thing I wish I would have done more through out my pregnancy, is take more pictures of myself. My parents gave us a nice little video camera and Matthew has made it his new obsession video taping my fat pregnant self, but next time around my goal is to take more pictures as my body changes so I can share them with my family who doesnt get to see me everyday!
Even though I only have 15 more days till delivery...(omg, can you believe it?!? *sigh* yikes) I wanted to post some pics of my belly! Thats when I realized I really didnt have any. :( All I could find was when I was back in Oregon visiting my family. Im pretty sure I was about 22 weeks in these pics. At this point in my pregnancy I could tell people were still unsure whether to ask me if I was expecting or not...looks like a baby bump to me!! But I guess you can never really be sure theses days. :)
I am so completely stoked! My Mom is flying in on the 28th to help prepare us for Jax's arrival. I cant wait to see her and have her be by my side on the big day. Jax is so lucky...he is going to have the best Grandmas a little guy could ask for.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nov. 22!!!!

Alright so we had another appt. today and everything went great. We got to see our little guys lips move like he was sucking, and watch him practice breathing. Gosh, he is so dang cute! Everytime we get a 3-d picture of him he looks so different! I just cant wait to see who he looks like!! Doctor says he has huge cheeks and you can already tell he has too much hair..haha..I've always known I was gonna have hairy babies. :)
My actual due date is Dec. 6th, and since Im having a c-section I wasnt sure if it was set that he was coming on that day...but we finally got an answer today!! And surprisingly gave us Nov. 22nd as the day they're taking our 'lil Max out. 4 weeks from Saturday..we cant believe its getting so close. I cant even explain our happiness and excitement.
OH and real quick! Matt and I had a new boy in our primary class on Sunday and his name was Jackson..I didnt mention is before but our babies name was going to be Jaxon, and we were goign to call him Jax. Well, the little boy was a total brat!!! and it seriously ruined the name for me, so I had to start at square one with his name. AHHH! Its been a nightmare twisting Matthews arm and making him think he likes the names I like. Ha. So, as of today, the babies name is Max. Let me know what you think!! Okay, Love you all. Good night.

Monday, October 13, 2008


OK, so I consider myself a pretty computer savvy girl, but holy moly I have had a tough time figuring out this dang blogging thing. Props to all of you who have such cute blogs! I guess I just need to get the hang of it.
Well since this will be our first post n' all I suppose I will update you all on whats been going on with our little family. As most of you probably already know, we are expecting our first baby!! I cant even tell you how excited we are. We talk about our little Jaxon every day and literally counting down the days 'till we get to bring him home. Our little man is due Dec. 6th...yup thats only 54 days left to go! As expected I feel like a whale, but I am proud to say I have no stretch marks!! No stretch marks so far anyway...:)
Matthew is going to school full-time at ASU and is kicking butt at taking care of his family and keeping up with school. He's amazing and I am so so proud of him! Gosh, how did I get so lucky?
Alright so we both agreed we would keep up on posting but we will see how that goes!
Baby pictures to be posted soon!!