Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby bump

One thing I wish I would have done more through out my pregnancy, is take more pictures of myself. My parents gave us a nice little video camera and Matthew has made it his new obsession video taping my fat pregnant self, but next time around my goal is to take more pictures as my body changes so I can share them with my family who doesnt get to see me everyday!
Even though I only have 15 more days till delivery...(omg, can you believe it?!? *sigh* yikes) I wanted to post some pics of my belly! Thats when I realized I really didnt have any. :( All I could find was when I was back in Oregon visiting my family. Im pretty sure I was about 22 weeks in these pics. At this point in my pregnancy I could tell people were still unsure whether to ask me if I was expecting or not...looks like a baby bump to me!! But I guess you can never really be sure theses days. :)
I am so completely stoked! My Mom is flying in on the 28th to help prepare us for Jax's arrival. I cant wait to see her and have her be by my side on the big day. Jax is so lucky...he is going to have the best Grandmas a little guy could ask for.